November 7, 2019 - First Post

First post on github, which is pretty exciting!

Goals for the day:

  1. Upload my first post onto github
    • Include recap of what has happened in the past 2-3 weeks
  2. Figure out how to add comments section to posts.
  3. Submit all measurements done for juvenile geoduck images to shell length google spreadsheet


  • Onboarding process completed with Sam
  • Joined Shelly’s geoduck project
    • Learned how to use ImageJ to measure shell length on juvenile geoduck (link to protocol is here)
    • Measured juvenile geoducks from 20 images

(Current) Lab Work Overview

  • First day working in the lab!
  • Continued doing geoduck measurements on ImageJ
  • Had a couple of questions concerning the accuracy of my measurements, but I went over them with Shelly, and it seems like I’ve been on the right track so far:
    • Problem: Sometimes had difficulty distinguishing what is the shell versus the body of the geoduck (see example image below):
    • 20191107_shell_or_body.png
      • Solution: Sometimes it is hard to tell what is the shell and what is the body, so that’s why all of the living geoducks in the image are being measured. These measurements will help to produce an average shell length, which is why it is OK if some of the shell lengths are slightly off (the only time this would cause a problem is if the number of geoducks present is very low [average can be skewed significantly from one measurement])
    • Problem: Not sure if I should measure clusters of small geoduck shells (see example image below):
    • 20191107_cluster_of_shells.png
      • Solution: big clusters of shells usually indicate that something (eg., algae) has brought the shells together to degrade them, so don’t measure them.

Goals Update – Success or Not?

  1. The post actually worked!!!
  2. I added a comments section specific to my Disqus account to the post!
  3. I added all of the measurements that I made to the shell length google spreadsheet!

Overall, it’s been a pretty successful day!

Written on November 7, 2019