December 4, 2019 - PCR Part 2 & Transferring Larvae into Ethanol Part 3

Lab Work


Today, I redid the PCR Master Mix using the new primers that Sam received in order to determine the species of oyster that was given from the oyster distribution company. We went through the same procedure as last time (indicated in this post here), but instead of using COF and COR, we used universal primers 1 & 2, and we used a colorless PCR reagant instead of the reagant with the dye that we used last time.

Transferring Larvae to Ethanol

I continued to transfer the frozen larvae samples into the 70% ethanol solution (last post is referenced here). Today, I transferred samples: 15B, 43, 137B, 50B, 19B, 107B, 42, 109B, 121B, 67B, 88B, 135B, 31B, 80, 81, 119B, and 85.


The samples that were unusually soft include: 15B, 43, 19B, 42, 31B, and 88B was somewhat soft.

Next Steps

  1. Put PCR samples into gel
  2. Continue transferring larvae samples into ethanol
Written on December 4, 2019