February 12, 2020 - Finishing Undergraduate Research Symposium Application & Continuing to Figure out How to Separate Objects in Image

Lab Work

Undergraduate Research Symposium Application

Today, I reviewed my entire Undergraduate Research Symposium Application to make sure that everything was in order before submitting it.

Separating Objects in Contour

Today, I also continued to try and find ways to separate the multiple objects found in one large contour for the histological images. After looking around, I found these resources that may be useful:

  1. Detecting overlapping circles

  2. OpenCV Splitting Contours

  3. Opencv divide a contour in two sections

  4. Opencv divide contacted circles into single

  5. Eroding and Dilating

  6. Structural Analysis and Shape Descriptors

  7. How to divide contours?

  8. The best way of separating overlapping objects?

The main ideas that I got through these resources was to try and use the angles of the contours or use convexhull and find the maximum local distance as ways of splitting the contour. I will have to look at the suggestions made in these posts and apply them to possibly find a solution.

Next Steps

Keep trying to figure out a way to split the contour into the corresponding separate objects

Written on February 12, 2020