February 18, 2020 - Continuing to Figure out how to split a single contour

Lab Work

Today, I continued to try and figure out ways to split the large contour in this image:


to its respective egg contours in order to be able to measure each egg in the image separately.

I found these sources that could potentially be useful to helping achieve this goal:

  1. Segmentation - Separating Touching Objects

  2. OpenCV cvFindContours - how do I separate components of a contour

  3. How do I split a contour?

  4. Detach blobs with a contact point

  5. Detach two blob

  6. Drawing convexHull in openCV2 Python

  7. Understanding Distance Transform in OpenCV


I tried implementing the watershed algorithm in imageJ today, and the results were slightly better than the results that I had gotten from using OpenCV, but there were still signs of oversegmentation.

Original Image:


Turn into Binary:


Fill in Holes:


Watershed Segmentation:


Next Steps

Continue to figure out how to split contour

Written on February 18, 2020