December 5, 2019 - Gel Electrophoresis Round 2 & Transferring Larvae to Ethanol Part 4

Lab Work

Gel Electrophoresis

Today, I transferred the samples from the PCR done yesterday (see post here) into a gel to aid in oyster species determination.

The same process used to transfer the PCR samples into the gel the last time was also used this time (see post here), except for 2 things:

  1. A loading dye was added each of the samples in order to add color to the samples, which will help with gel analysis, and to help the samples sink into the wells instead of floating at the top
  2. The first time I had done the gel analysis, I added 5 uL of the DNA ladder Mix into the associated wells, but this time I accidentally placed 25 uL of the DNA Ladder Mix into the associated wells.

The results from the gel:


Transferring Frozen Larvae to Ethanol

I continued to transfer the frozen larvae to the ethanol solution. Today, I transferred samples 118B, 29, 36B, 39, 9, 74, 115B, 152B, 104B, 38B, 37, 114B, 108, 133A, 14B, 34, 76, 102B, 120B, 113A, 25, 22B, 77B, 44, 63B, 2, 7B 142B, 140B, 66, 27, 86, 87B, 21, 149B, 6, 150B, and 41.


Very soft samples included: 29, 36B, 39, 9, 38B, 37, 14B, 34, 102B, 25, 22B, 44, 2, 7B, 27, 21, and 6.

Somewhat soft samples included: 104B, 114B, and 76.

Additional sample tubes were labeled:


Next Steps

  1. Interpret results of gel
  2. Continue to transfer larvae samples into ethanol
Written on December 5, 2019