April 1, 2020 - Refreshing Memory on Lab Work so far and Continuing New Image Segmentation Method

Lab Work

After coming back from spring break, today I looked back at the work that I did last quarter to refresh my memory and then began to continue working on the new method of color segmentation that I was doing.

In my last post, I discovered that I could visualize the color space of the image by the specific gonad (egg or sperm) that I wanted to analyze to produce graphs like this:


But, I was only able to do this with one image of a gonad at a time, instead of seeing all of the gonads at once. So, I combined most of the images together using the help of this source to produce a graph that looks like this:


I emphasize “most” because for some reason, I was not able to combine all of the images together… This is something I will have to look into moving forward.

Next Steps

  1. Figure out how to combine all of the images together
Written on April 1, 2020